Malicious Emails

Source: SecurityToday Report: 15 Percent of All Emails Sent in 2023 Were Malicious Feb 20, 2024 VIPRE Security Group recently released its report titled “Email Security in 2024: An Expert Look at Email-Based Threats”. The 2024 predictions for email security [...]

Entrust buys AI-based ID verification startup Onfido

Confirmed: Entrust is buying AI-based ID verification startup Onfido, sources say for more than $400M Ingrid Lunden Updated February 7, 2024·5 min read Onfido, an early mover in the world of identity verification using computer vision, machine learning and other AI [...]

Biometric hacking

Understanding biometric hacking and preventing it with advanced physical security solutions by Monica Gonzalez from Security 101 Biometric technology has revolutionized the security landscape, offering a highly secure and reliable level of personal identification that is significantly harder to forge [...]

Edikio Price Tag Flex

Edikio Price Tag Flex Price Tag solution The flexible all-in-one solution for creating and printing your price tags on plastic cards in standard (credit card) or long format. Ideal for adapting to different display requirements. [...]

EDUCATION Campus Cards – Are you ready?

Are campus cards ready for tomorrow?   10 questions to think about to ensure the long-term future of card issuing systems. Can I effectively manage different user profiles and card types? Is my budget for card issuance optimized? Does the design [...]

Self-Service Access In Hospitality

Enjoy Your Smart Stay: How Self-Service Access Is Altering the Hospitality Landscape November 17, 2023 • Rick WinterofHID Global It's all about the guest experience in the hospitality industry. Hotel guests want to come and go as they please, and standing in [...]

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